Magic of Energy Chips

Magic of Energy ChipsEnergy Chips are extremely effective tools that can store, process and accurately respond to a predetermined set of instructions, however complex or intricate they may be, with unfailing memory and accuracy. This course has been designed to help healers to use Energy Chips as a Talisman, Touch Stone Healing Tool, Passive Healing Tool and an Active Participative Healing Tool.


We have called this The Magic of Energy Chips and so let
Us at the out most being with understanding what is name really means.


What do we normally understand as Magic?

Extraordinary Phenomena Something Inexplicable, Fantastic Feats, Beyond the Limits of Normally acceptable patterns, etc, etc, such expressions would come to mind wouldn't they?

The Healer can also use this Technology to create Talisman or Charms to enhance the rate of transformation and to bring about desired personality changes. This is essential mainly because, almost all the chronic ailments are Psychosomatic in nature, meaning that through the affection shows up as a physical malfunctioning of some or the other part or system of the body, the root cause lies somewhere in the realm of the psyche of the person. Now you see what true Holistic Healing we are talking about? Healing at Physical, Mental, Emotional and psychological levels. That's why Magic!!!!!

Why Energy?

What is Energy?
Energy is the motive force used to bring about Transformation and Healing is all about transforming a diseased state into one that is healthy and contributory. There are many forms of energy, but the one we are going to use here is cosmic energy and the way we are going to harness it, is through nature's own wonderful gift of Crystals.

A Crystal is the state in which an element of material exists, it is not the name of any particular material as is normally understood nor does it imply any specific family of elements. An element may exist in an Amorphous or Crystalline stage, depending upon the arrangements of its molecules/atoms and this would determine its functional utility. Let's talk about the example of carbon, carbon in its amorphous state is Coal, but in its crystalline form is Diamond. What a difference in its functional utility - is it not? Though both are chemically the same, the state of arrangements of its molecules/atoms makes a difference of tremendous magnitude. Let's see Silica, Silica in its Amorphous state is Glass, but in its crystalline form it is Quartz, the very factor at the heart of all our electronic revolution.

How does it happen?

We all know that every element is made up of molecules/atoms put together, but what most people do not know is, that it is this very arrangement of molecules/atoms that distinguishes its state between Amorphous & Crystalline. When the molecules/atoms are then randomly arranges, with no specific pattern. The state of the element is Amorphous, but when there are arranged definite pattern and order, the state transforms into Crystalline.

Crystals are commonly used in healing because of their unique property to:

. Absorbs Cosmic Energy
. Stores Cosmic Energy
. Amplify Cosmic Energy
. Transmit Cosmic Energy

So you see we are going to amalgamate the Ancient Wisdom of the use of Cosmic Energy with the Modern Technology of Chips and perform Extraordinary Healing like Magic. That is why we call it the "Magic of Energy chips"