Acu Dr. Anand Kumar Singh is the only Certified NAET Practitioner in TamilNadu

If you are looking out for a remedy from allergies that you are suffering from, here is your destination to go.


Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, also known as NAET has been proven to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing, testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic and nutritional therapeutics. NAET is available all over the world. Over 12,000 licensed practitioners are available across the world.


  • Non-invasive*
  • Drug-less
  • Energy balancing
  • Natural solutions for allergy management
  • No side effects

* At PressurePoint, NAET is administered in combination with Acupuncture to optimize the remediation process and attain a catalyzed result.

Best choice to alleviate:

  • Acute & Chronic allergies
  • Immune deficiency
  • Food allergies (Nuts, Proteins, Gluten, Irritable Bowel, Acidity, Indigestions, etc)
  • Dust / Pollen allergy (Asthma, Bronchitis)
  • Chemical & Environmental allergens
  • Adverse effects of drugs like Pencillin, Aspirin, etc


  • Patient takes a series of a 15-20 sittings.
  • Number of sittings may increase slightly based on the complexity.
  • A single allergen is only eliminated per sitting.

Social Responsibility:

To help you find a NAET specialist, the names of the trained practitioners have been listed in Find a Practitioner. We ask that you browse the NAET website for more information on NAET and use the practitioner locator to find a NAET practitioner near you.