If you are a person who wants drugless treatment, immediate and sustainable relief from your health problems, you are just a walk away!

Stress Management

  • A combination of one or more of the therapeutic, energy channelization and healing techniques are employed to suit the requirement of the client's Emotional and Psychological state and the best combination remedy is executed.
  • The rate of recovery from stress/depression is exponentially high, as Healing is offered as a supportive modality.


  • Amalgamation of the Ancient Wisdom of the use of Cosmic Energy with the Modern Technology of Chips.
  • Extraordinary Healing like Magic. ("Magic of Energy chips")
    • Absorbs Cosmic Energy
    • Stores Cosmic Energy
    • Amplify Cosmic Energy
    • Transmit Cosmic Energy

Ideal Treatment for:

  • Protection from negative energy, Black Magic, Witchcraft & White Magic.