A journey into the Self, by the Self, for the Self.

Relish the power of 5000 years' legacy!


  • Therapeutic Yoga to address chronic ailments and defend from further health being ruined, rejuvenation & restoration of well-being (works wonders when chosen as a package with a combination of other therapies above).
  • Physical and Virtual Yoga Classes to enable Yoga as a way of life.
  • Improve flexibility, immunity, resistance and
  • Exclusive Kids' Yoga to strengthen their core, enrich immunity, develop resistance for common contagions, improve focus, harness memory retention, tangible improvement in studies & overall personality.
  • Chair Yoga for the aged, differently abled, Spine-injured & Paralytic (based on ailment).
  • Pre & Post Natal Yoga to help mothers in hormonal balance, posture correction and pelvic flexibility to aid easy labor and speedy recovery from after effects of child birth.
  • Personal Training for exclusive, tailor-made, individual one-one Physical/Virtual sessions to address specific requirements & privacy.